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Church Visioning with the Founder of Faith And Community Empowerment (FACE)

“The church can’t be an influential figure in the community if we’re not invited to the decision-making table.”

– Hyepin Im, President, CEO, and Founder of FACE

This Sunday, September 25 at 12:00 P.M., Hyepin Im will join First German UMC for a discussion about the church’s involvement in serving the local community.

The following information about FACE and its founder is taken and adapted from the organization’s website

The mission of Faith And Community Empowerment (FACE) is to empower faith community leaders to better serve underserved communities. FACE trains faith leaders, educates underserved communities, and provides advocacy so that the voiceless may have a voice.

“Bringing the face of God through service and lifting those who are faceless.”

Our Vision – FACE

Heypin Im founded the organization that is now FACE to help the Korean American community after seeing the devastating impact of the Los Angeles Riots on this community. Now their mission has broadened.

Im’s perspective on the churches’ role in community work was radically changed and expanded when she was able to work under Reverend Mark Whitlock, who was in charge of the economic development ministry at First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME).

Im says about the economic development ministry, “They were looked upon as being leaders and stakeholders, so that when community leaders were making important decisions, their input was asked for.”

Im believes that this is the influence that the church should have in the community.

“In every church and in every individual, there are specific gifts and talents that God has placed within us. We were meant for good works and to glorify Him through those works,” she said. “When God-given talents are known and recognized, it not only blesses the individual, but it blesses other people who get to partake in the benefit of those talents.”

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