Lent at FGUMC


Meet a bold Jesus with the authority of God during our Lent Sunday Services at 10:30 A.M. in February and March.

And include your own reflections on the daily lectionary readings and our Lenten Devotional in the comments. If you would like a copy of the Lenten Devotional, please contact the office: 818-500-0786 or [email protected]. Contact Us.


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    Anna says:

    On Ash Wednesday, Pastor Kurt asked us to try praying for someone, some place, some people, something, new. Were you inspired to do so? What or who did you start praying for? And how is it going?

    Watch or listen to the sermon here: https://youtu.be/T9L7XpHyb30

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    Anna says:

    Pastor Kurt’s devotion from Thursday, March 2nd encouraged us to “Unfold. Share your fragrance. Brighten up the garden around you with the holy signature of your colors and shapes. Be life to the world…”

    What might it look like if you let yourself “unfold?” How might you brighten up the worlds around you if you let yourself?

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    Anna says:

    In yesterday’s devotion, Megan asked us the following questions… what are your answers?

    What creative tools do we have to praise God? How can we use our talents to authentically praise God, rather than just expect praise from the world? What outpouring can you give to God today to praise him?

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    Anna says:

    There was no devotional for Friday, March 17th. Instead we were asked to reflect on the following questions after reading Psalm 23… share your own answers:

    What are the green pastures and still waters that God is providing for you at this time in your life? What does it feel like to be led there?

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    Anna says:

    On Monday March 20, instead of a devotional, the following questions were asked – what are your answers?

    Have you experienced an awakening to God? Was it a specific moment, feeling, experience, scene, person, or word? Or a phase in your life in which God revealed Himself to you? Describe it.

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    Anna says:

    Last Saturday’s devotional from Ursula made us think a lot about forgiveness. Has your faith helped you forgive someone or yourself? Tell us about that.

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